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Jeff Brenner, MD
Founder and CMO, JunaCare
Dr. Jeffrey Brenner, MD is a family physician that has focused on improving healthcare for complex and underserved patients. He worked in Camden, NJ, one of America’s poorest cities for twenty years. Dr. Brenner owned and operated a solo-practice, urban family medicine office that provided full-spectrum family health services to a largely Hispanic, Medicaid population including delivering babies, caring for children and adults, and doing home visits. Recognizing the need for a new way for hospitals, providers, and community residents to collaborate he founded and has served as the Executive Director of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers from 2003 to 2017. Dr. Brenner’s work was profiled by the writer and surgeon Dr. Atul Gawande in an article in The New Yorker entitled “The Hot Spotters” (1/24/11) and in an episode of PBS Frontline (7/27/11). In 2013 he received a MacArthur award and in 2015 he was elected to the Institute of Medicine. Dr. Brenner, was also the Medical Director of the Urban Health Institute, a dedicated business unit built at the Cooper Health System focused on improving care of the underserved. Using modern business techniques they redesigned long-standing clinical care models to deliver better care at lower cost. For four years he led the Clinical Redesign Team at United Healthcare which housed complex, homeless patients in 20 cities across the US. He is currently launching a primary care start-up called JunaCare. It’s first location will open in Pennsylvania in 2021.

Sessions by Jeff Brenner, MD

11:00 AM PT
Global Primary Care Models

At its core, primary care is about delivering holistic care for people as opposed to simply treating specific conditions or diseases. Connect with primary care experts from around the globe (USA, UK and Denmark) as they exchange the strategic implementations, wins and challenges of their primary care systems.