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Alisha Fehrenbacher
CEO, Elevate Health
Alisha is the founding Chief Executive Officer of Elevate Health, and the President and Chair of the OnePierce, Community Resiliency Fund. Alisha understands that disruption is an essential element to address population health challenges. She centers her approach to community care by listening to the community itself to advance local priorities, and her leadership and dedication to healthcare systems reform is evident in her development and implementation of strategies to achieve the quadruple aim and greater health equity.

Sessions by Alisha Fehrenbacher

10:30 AM PT
Driving Disruption in the Systems of Care

Join this panel discussion to learn how Elevate Health created world-class care management to address the clinical and non-clinical needs of its population. Learn about the challenges on the way to efficient care management, the additional roadblocks originating from the pandemic and how the Washington-based accountable community of health leveraged a data-driven approach to thwart the challenges and streamline care delivery.