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Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA
President and CEO Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health
Dr. Klasko is the President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. Under his leadership, Jefferson Health grew from three hospitals in 2015 to fourteen hospitals today. His 2017 merger of Thomas Jefferson University with Philadelphia University created a pre-eminent professional university that includes top-20 programs in fashion, design and health professions, coupled with the first design-thinking curriculum in a medical school, conducting the nation's leading research on empathy, an essential component of medicinal practice that is often overlooked in the academic setting.

Sessions by Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA

8:45 AM PT
From The Ritz to Aramark: What Hospitals can learn from Hospitality and vice versa!

Both healthcare and hospitality are consumer-centered industries and in a world shaken up by a distressing pandemic, some lessons and wins can certainly be shared between the two. Join some of the top healthcare experts and hospitality leaders as they explore what hospitals can learn from hospitality and vice versa.

1:30 PM PT
Day 1 Reception: Dr. "DJ Klasko" Virtual Disco Fever!

Dr. DJ Klasko is in the house, and we cannot keep calm! A healthcare leader of international repute, a revered entrepreneur, an extraordinary author, Dr. Klasko, needs no introduction - but there's more! Join us for a live DJ dance party at the CareAsOne Summit - hosted by none other than Jonathan Bush!