Tom X Lee, MD--image
Tom X Lee, MD
Chief Executive Officer, Galileo
Tom is the CEO and visionary behind Galileo -- a next-generation health care delivery model designed for the future. Using innovative mobile technology and human-centered design, we’re looking to improve the quality and affordability of medical care for all. Prior to Galileo, Tom helped build One Medical into the leading, independent primary care group in the country. In addition, he was responsible for mobile and web products at Epocrates, serving as Chief Medical Officer and lead designer.

Sessions by Tom X Lee, MD

8:15 AM PT
Health 2030: The Future of Care

With so many significant technological advancements underway, what will the future of healthcare look like? Tune into a fireside chat and take a look at what the future has in store for healthcare and what it will look like in the next ten years.