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Michael Schrage
Research Fellow, MIT
A Research Fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management's Initiative on the Digital Economy, Michael Schrage also teaches consults and advises on innovation, metrics, and network effects. He is the author of Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?, The Innovator's Hypothesis: How Cheap Experiments Are Worth More than Good Ideas, and his newest book from MIT Press. Recommendation Engines. He's also pioneering research on “selvesware” - a word he coined - which explores how analytics can be used to augment aspects, attributes and talents of productive individuals.

Sessions by Michael Schrage

8:15 AM PT
Health 2030: The Future of Care

With so many significant technological advancements underway, what will the future of healthcare look like? Tune into a fireside chat and take a look at what the future has in store for healthcare and what it will look like in the next ten years.