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Mike Sutten
Former Chief Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente
Mike Sutten, MBA, BS, has more than 25 years of leadership experience and served as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at Kaiser Permanente and led initiatives on analytics, cloud, data storage, and mobile technologies. He has more than two decades of information technology leadership experience with Fortune 500 organizations, including Kaiser Permanente, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Koch Industries, Sybase, and General Electric. Mike also served as the Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer within the Central Intelligence Agency, where he was recognized for exemplary leadership and service. At Kaiser, Mike was responsible for creating an integrated and well-organized data model to define how data is integrated. Throughout his career, he has driven technology innovation by architecting modernized, profitable enterprise-wide systems, ensuring compliance for data integration, and reducing IT costs through the standardization and application of tools.

Sessions by Mike Sutten

8:45 AM PT
Beyond the EHR: Digital Platforms

Central to healthcare’s initial stages of digitization were the electronic health records, but the future will likely be driven by comprehensive, unified data platforms. This panel will cover leaders’ perspectives as they weigh the data platforms against EHRs.